This article intended for GMs. The First Great and Bountiful Human Empire extended from 2480-3020, reaching from the centerpiece, Earth, to the farthest regions of its galaxy, Mutter's Spiral

Playable RacesEdit

Fixed PointsEdit

  • Cyber Wars
  • Second Great Dalek War
  • The Fall of EarthGov


The following places are canonical within the Whoverse and the First Great and Bountiful Human Empire.

The Solar System

  • Mercury (waste dump)
  • Venus (terraformed & colonized)
  • Earth (polluted, corrupt and overpopulated)
  • Mars (terraformed & colonized)
  • Jupiter (colonized)
  • Saturn (colonized)
  • Uranus (uninhabited)
  • Neptune (uninhabited)
  • Pluto (terraformed, colonized and under alien mind-control)

The Althosian System (ruins)

​The Folflower System (monarchy)

Jusiticia (alien penal colony)

  • Justice Alpha
  • Justice Beta
  • Justice Gamma
  • Justice Delta
  • Justice Epsilon
  • Justice Prime

Perseus Arm

Horsehead Nebula

Gandii Prime

Avalon (colonized)

Beta Caprisis (colonized, successful)

Dust (colonized, abandoned)

Tractis (colonized, conflict with natives)

Plumptious Minor (colonized, cut off from Earth)

Sirius IV (dominion status)

Solos (being mined, conflict with natives)

Mal Orielle (Spacefleet Academy)

Voga (planet of gold, being mined)